March madness

I went out for a run before breakfast this morning, and was so pumped to see green grass where snow was piled high just a few days ago.

Thank God it’s March.

Let me put that another way:  Good riddance, February, you miserable, old bitch.

We just survived the gnarliest February in ages, maybe in our lifetime. It was no fun to deal with constant blizzards, deep snow, bitter cold and icy roads.

Sure a few months of winter is well and good, and I try to roll with it. But this winter was over the top. And I’m blaming February. It was shortest month, but it seemed to last forever.

How bad was this February? In Indy,  we got clobbered on all fronts:

1) Snow: We got three times  the normal snowfall this February  — 17.5 inches, compared to a typical February of 6.1 inches.

2) Cold: The average temperature was 5 degrees colder than usual — 25.7 degrees, compared to a typical February of 30.5 degrees.

3) Gray skies: The heavens were a lovely shade of concrete all month. Meterologists define a “clear day” as a day when clouds  cover the sky three-tenths of the time or less. So how many clear days did we have in February? Just one.

Even a nature-lover like me last my limits. Winter wore out its welcome about three weeks ago. Spring, do your thing.

This morning, I ran 5.6 miles on neighborhood roads before work.  It was only 38 degrees. But compared to the past month, it felt like a vacation in Tuscany. For once, I didn’t have to wear a hat or jump over a snow mound.

I can hardly wait for flowers, birds, green leaves and butterflies.

I finished up in 49:47, which worked out to a leisurely 8:50 pace. I guess I was just feeling too good to rush it.

March is off to a good start. Already, I’m mad about spring.

That’s apt, I suppose. This is the season of “March Madness,” the month of college basketball playoffs. And guess where the Final Four games are being held this year?

That’s right. Indy. I’m loving it.

March? It’s wonderful.

February? Let us speak of it no more.


I’m going Mormon for a few months. Or is it Baptist? Or maybe Amish?

Whatever, I’m making a few dietary changes. I’m giving up alcohol, soft drinks and dessert until after my spring marathon. And maybe beyond.

It has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with my bathroom scale.

I stepped on the scale this morning (for the first time in a while) and was shocked by the number.  I need to drop 10 pounds, maybe even 15.

I’ve been trying to watch my weight this winter with regular workouts. But apparently, I didn’t run off all the pounds I took in. So it’s time to get tough.

For the next three months, no more pale ale with dinner. No more Girl Scout cookies at lunch. No more Dr Pepper as an afternoon break.

It’s time for a little, old-fashioned temperance.

Coffee, however, is OK. Let’s not get carried away, now!


2 Responses to “March madness”

  1. I gave up Alcohol too and dont miss it (until after 3/21/10!) just replaced evening red wine with sleepy time tea and girl scout cookies trick is to only get kinds you dont like and let the kids eat them.

  2. I’m with you on the need for spring! Although I don’t get slammed with snow, I’m tired of the rain. I need my 70 degree weather, birds a chirping, frogs a croaking, butterflies a fluttering desperately!!! Come on Spring!!

    Oh yes, Girl Scout cookies (GSC)! Ever since my granddaughter became a Brownie, I’ve not been able to say no to the GSC! I have no problem saying no thank you to the little girls standing outside of stores, but when it comes to my granddaughter, I have no will power! Bring on the GSC! Thank goodness the GSC only comes but once a year! I’ll be glad when the supply is gone!

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