A grind and a thrill

It’s 64 degrees and sunny — a beautiful day for baseball, yard work or a long bike ride.

Or a trip through the Meat Grinder.

That’s my not-so-affectionate term for hill repeats. You dig down deep and grind it out.

I cranked out eight repeats today (one more than last week) during a lunchtime run at Crown Hill Cemetery, following a three-mile warmup.

Here are my times: 1:21, 1:22, 1:12, 1:14, 1:17, 1:15, 1:15, 1:12.

Oh yeah, that last one was a barrel of laughs. I think I caught my breath about 20 minutes later.


Go get a medal, Greydawn!

My younger sister, Sheridan, has always been a good athlete.

As a girl, she competed in swimming, basketball and horseback riding. She played outdoors all summer long. She could climb to the top of our 80-foot-all backyard sycamore tree. She was always active.

As an adult, she has run lots of short races near her home in southern California, and has always kept in shape. But she dreamed of a longer race. Last year, she ran her first half-marathon.

And now, just a few months before turning 50, she is about to run her first 26.2-mile race, the Los Angeles Marathon, this Sunday.

I encouraged her to push farther, stretching for a marathon. Now I feel like a proud big brother, as she nears the end of her training.

It’s been fun to read her blog (blogger name Greydawn, after her favorite horse) and her Facebook updates. She has faithfully racked up the long runs, week after week, and gotten more excited about achieving her goal.

I have nine marathons and an ultra under my belt, but I still remember what a thrill it is to train for and run a first marathon, after years of dreaming about it.

Greydawn, enjoy your first marathon. 

We’ll run one together, some day.


2 Responses to “A grind and a thrill”

  1. aww thanks John! You are the best! feels hugs from sunny HOT California~I love you! ~your little sister

  2. That’s awesome! Good luck Greydawn.

    I love doing speed work. I’ll have to try that hill at Crown Hill someday.

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