Two funerals and a joyful run

It’s been a long, tough week at the Trail Boy household.

Last Wednesday, Mrs. Trail Boy’s father died after a remarkable 93 years on earth, a victim of cancer. He had been a Cleveland policeman for 36 years and raised nine children, including my sweet bride. On Saturday, we buried him. A police honor guard saluted and bagpiper gave a final flourish. There were tears and hugs and a few laughs.

On Sunday, our old church in Cleveland shut its doors after 156 years, a victim of the bishop’s sweeping move to downsize the diocese. We visited the church, where we were members for a decade before moving to Indy, for the final service. It felt very much like a funeral. We lit candles and sang songs. There were lots of tears and hugs and a few laughs.

It was a cool old church, one of the oldest in the city, located in the heart of downtown. They don’t make churches like this anymore. Despite the old building, the services were very progressive and sometimes experimental — always interesting.

Now it’s just an empty building. Thankfully, the tight-knit, vibrant congregation has decided to stay together in a building of its own. I wish them the best.

Today, we’re back home, trying to regroup. We give thanks to our families and friends, who gave us so much support during the past week, including meals, spare bedrooms, child care and kind words. That made it so much easier.


During the past four days, I’ve managed to squeeze in only one run, but it sure helped take off the edge. I ran for about seven miles on Friday in the Rocky River reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks, while Mrs. Trail Boy was finalizing funeral arrangements with her family.

It was a warm, beautiful afternoon. Hundreds of people were out, enjoying the day.


The sight of people enjoying the day gave me a needed lift. The endorphins helped too.

Joys and sorrows often come close together in life. May we be there for each other during both.


3 Responses to “Two funerals and a joyful run”

  1. Sorry to hear of your loss!
    It’s sad to also hear that a church is closing, I find that very sad.
    Glad you got in a run to help clear the mind and rebuild the spirit. Runs are great for that.

  2. My condolences to you and Mrs. Trail Boy.

    Several years ago I was explaining to some Danish friends how a church I once attended had been sold and turned into some kind of business. They were perplexed by that, because for them the idea that a church could ever be anything other than a church was preposterous. They had lots of churches that were several hundred years old maybe older. Almost no one goes there on Sunday, but once a church always a church.

  3. In 1983, when I was on my honeymoon in NYC I went to the Limelight, Andy Warhol’s nightclub that he put in an old church. He left up the churchy things (I think there was a disco ball hung from Jesus’ feet of the crucifix) and made it as sacrilegious as you can imagine. Another reason for a church to never abandon and sell a building that was built as a church.

    Very sad about the church and very, very sad about your father-in-law. So sorry.

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