Trails, baseball and red belts


It’s another sunny Saturday. So that means long miles.    

Well, maybe not as long as I hoped.    

I was planning to run 22 miles today. But then Mrs. Trail Boy decided a few days ago she would take a road trip to Ohio this weekend to see her family, leaving me home with the boys. So I had to keep it short, about two hours.    

I decided to run with Matt, a friend from work. The question was, where would we run? I like trails. Matt likes pavement. So I suggested we do some of each.    

Matt and I met in Broad Ripple. First we ran for six miles on the Monon Trail, to 86th Street and back. Then we headed over to the canal and ran seven miles on the towpath. That gave us 13 miles.    

I’ve never run with Matt before. But he’s a good, story-telling Irish guy, with lots of funny tales, so that helped pass the miles.    

It also meant I had a brand-new audience to bore with some of my oldest running stories, about tough races, stupid mistakes, running in extreme weather etc. I probably talked Matt’s ear off. You’ll have to talk to Matt to see if this run was fun for him.    

It was a clear morning, but a little chillier than I expected, probably in the low 40s. Matt wore a fleece. I wore short sleeves. I think Matt made the smarter choice on clothes. Near the end, I had to pick up the pace a bit to keep warm.    

We finished up in 1:56, with plenty of energy left.    

Next weekend, I’ll go back for the long stuff, 22 or 23 miles.    


Is that Jake or is that Sammy Sosa? Smack it hard, buddy!

After the run, I had to change my clothes and hustle back out the door to take Jake to baseball.    

It was a fun game to watch, a real Chicago rivalry. Jake’s White Sox played against the Cubs. I felt like I was in the Second City, ready to do some ward politics, followed by a walk down the Magnificent Mile. But no, I was just in Glendale Park on the northside of Indy, watching one of many baseball games.   

Jake batted fifth and played shortstop and right field. When he got to the plate, he hit the ball hard. Unfortunately, he always hit it right to a fielder, so he never got on base.   

Jake had a few good plays at shortstop, but nothing happened in right field during the two innings he was out there.    

The final score: Cubs 7, White Sox 2.    

Hang in there, Jake. The season is just starting. The Sox are going all the way!    

"Just take the picture, Dad."


As long as I’m writing about boys and sports, I need to give Steven a plug.    

On Thursday, he passed his seventh promotion test in taekwondo (to red belt) and won the Outstanding Student Medal. I wasn’t there to see it, but I got a picture at home later.    

Steven has just three more levels until black belt. Then this sweet kid will have lethal weapons for hands. I think our wrestling days are about over. He knows too many ways to punch and kick and otherwise hurt an old man. I mean a Trail Boy.

Steven looks mild-mannered, but he knows 100 ways to hurt you.


One Response to “Trails, baseball and red belts”

  1. To the sons of Trail Boy: Please use your athletic abilities for good and not evil.

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