A reason to party

It’s Monday, but I’m feeling festive.

Over the weekend, this humble, little blog got its 10,000th hit. So I’m popping open the drinks at the Trail Boy blog shack. Take off your coat and join me in a bottle of Gatorade. Any flavor. Let’s live large.

Because when you blog about something as mundane as running, you’ll celebrate anything. And getting 10,000 hits since launching this site 13 months ago is one of those times.

You might wonder whether blogging is a productive use of a person’s limited hours on earth. Or as Mrs. Trail Boy gently puts it:  “What a complete friggin’ waste of time,  who cares about that crappy trail stuff but you and two other losers, of all the weird things to write about — Jesus, are you back on that computer again?!”

Oh, that Mrs. Trail Boy and her sweet words. Sometimes, when I’m feeling beaten down, exhausted by life’s cares, she’s the only thing that keeps me blogging. Because I know, deep down, she can’t wait to read my next post. Or to wash my scuzzy running shirts.

Mrs. Trail Boy, I dedicate my first 10,000 hits to you, my biggest fan. Oh, by the way, sweetie, I’m going running for three or four hours, down at Three Lakes Trail in Bloomington. Can you keep an eye on things for a while?

Ha ha! That was a joke. C’mon, it’s a party! Laugh a little!

Seriously, though, I’m not running Three Lakes today. In fact, it’s Monday, so I’m off to work. And I’m in for a busy day. First thing is to cover the annual shareholder meeting of the biggest company in Indiana, ready to scribble down any news I might see or hear.

After that, I’ll probably hurry to back to the newsroom have a talk with my editor about another story, one I wrote for today’s paper, about a church minister who is running what appears to be a big scam out of his house.

Or I might get started on a story about new research into Alzheimer’s disease or cancer.

Yep, those are things I write about during the day, for a paycheck.

But this running blog — this is the thing I write about at home, for fun.

And that’s why I like it so much. No editor can tell me what to write. I don’t have to go to any meetings. I don’t have to do any research.

Here’s how it works. I go running. Then I scribble down a few weird thoughts.

And if I’m lucky, a few dozen people will read it.

But those few dozen people add up. The clicks keep coming. And it’s fun to watch the numbers climb.

And eventually, you reach a big, round number, like 10,000.

That’s reason to celebrate.


Just out of curiosity, I did a quick look at my top posts, to see what entries have gotten the most clicks over the months. And here are the top 10 (not including my home page), in descending order:

A rant about Forbes magazine dissing my hometown, Cleveland.

A race report, in the form of a 130-stanza haiku, about my first 50K trail race.

Another rant about runners who run the Boston Marathon without qualifying.

A post about Nazis building a prison camp near one of my running trails.

A commentary about guns in national parks.

A remembrance of my running friend “Voodoo Joe” Truini, who died last year at age 37.

About Me: “Meet Trail Boy”

A plea to mall walkers to get outside and breathe the fresh air.

An homage to John Muir, the godfather of national parks.

A rant about paved, all-purpose trails: “Calling it a trail doesn’t make it one.”


Getting 10,000 hits doesn’t happen because I write this drivel. It happens because you read it.

So this party is really all about you, dear reader.

Yep, the best thing about blogging is the chance to connect with other runners and readers. Through this modest little blog, I’ve had conversations with readers from California to Maine, from Italy to Australia.

(By the way, that 10,000 figure doesn’t include my own clicks on this blog. My host, Word Press, assures me that it doesn’t record how many times I lovingly re-read all my favorite posts.)

But here are the numbers I’m responsible for: 207 posts, nine pages, a few dozen responses to more than 250 reader comments.

The rest was up to you, trail runners and others with too much free time. Or as Mrs. Trail Boy might say, weirdos just like me who go running through the woods for hours at a time for no good reason.

Thanks, readers! See you at the 20,000 hit party!

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4 Responses to “A reason to party”

  1. Great party! You should have told me there was going to be all this booze; I would have brought my big purse.

    I love your blog because you don’t have to be a runner to enjoy it. Looking over that list, I think my favorites are the Nazis and John Muir.

  2. today many dedicated runners are pounding the pavement in Boston so here is to your 10,000 hits and knowing next year this time when you get 20,000 hits you will be in Boston as well! I enjoy reading your blog and you inspired me to run~thanks!!

  3. and my favorite blog was the one about guns in National parks

  4. Glad to know that I’m a weirdo but love the blog no matter what lovely Mrs. Trail Boy says. Good luck at the Cle Marathon, one of my co-workers is walking in the Half marathon part of it which inspires me to eventually walk in a 5k or something similar. I hope to work up to walking a half marathon, that would be fun. sorry I’m not much of a runner though.

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