The morning after

Oh man, what a party. It went on for hours, with music, dancing and pool volleyball. Everyone was into it. What a way to celebrate 10,000 hits. 

This morning, I spent a few hours picking up the empties and thinking about all the fun we had with Clif Bars and handcuffs.

The back yard is a mess, but it was completely worth it. Yes, definitely a good time. Well, except when Dean Karnazes threw Frank Shorter into the pool with his clothes on. You should see Frank when he gets mad. It took six people to pull them apart.  Frank said he probably won’t come to my party next year, but he says that every year.

Bill Rodgers won the funny hat contest, wearing an upside-down 10-gallon hat filled with tequila. Pam Reed won second place, wearing a Notre Dame football helmet, topped with a Billy Bass talking fish.

At one point, I saw someone I didn’t recognize. He was walking around, taking pictures. I asked who he was, and after some hemming and hawing, he said he was a freelancer for Outside magazine. I asked him to take a photo of me and Joan Benoit Sameulson, wearing our matching luau costumes, but he got all prima donna on me, so I told him to go home. One thing I hate is a party crasher with an attitude.

Besides, it was almost time for the running in place contest, and Ryan Hall was talking trash with Deena Kastor. Those two go at it every time, but it’s fun to watch. That’s why they’re on my A list.

The party went on until about 3 a.m., when one of my neighbors called the cops. It was time to close down. 

Time to start planning the next party. Frank, next year, leave the orange Day-Glo Nikes at home.


One Response to “The morning after”

  1. Probably not, chances are only other weirdos like me will even recognize the guest list for your party.

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