Put your wheels on

I did a 12-mile workout this morning and felt like I was flying!

Or like I had wheels! Or maybe flying wheels.

My pace was unbelievable. Every few minutes I would glance down at my Garmin GPS and see an incredible number: 7:30 pace, 6:40 pace, 6:11 pace, 5:50 pace, even 5:24 pace.

I’ve never seen numbers like that, especially on a long outing.

I had my wheels on, baby.

Well, in this case, “wheels” is more than a just a metaphor. I actually was on wheels. I was riding my bike to work.

When the weather is nice, I ride my bike to and from work once a week or so. Today was the first time this spring.

I wouldn’t say this was a well thought-out plan. At about 7:30 a.m., I decided a bike ride would be a nice cross-training workout. I threw a change of clothes and my shaving kit into a gym bag and strapped it onto the back of the bike. Then I kissed Mrs. Trail Boy goodbye headed down the road.

The sky was blue. The air was cool and clear. But it wasn’t all peaches and cream.

I ended up riding into a stiff wind for most of the way. When I say “stiff wind,” I’m not kidding. The trees were bending. I got a hell of a workout. My legs were pumping at some points, but I didn’t feel much forward motion.

It took me 1:17 to get to work, about 10-15 minutes longer than usual. My average pace was 6:25.

By the end of the ride, I was whipped.

Still, the pace was much faster than I could have done while running, so I can’t complain.

I can only pray that when I head home tonight, the wind will keep blowing, and exactly from the same direction, so I’ll have a nice tailwind to make it worthwhile.

Because if I have to ride into another headwind for 12 miles home, I’ll be tempted to ditch the bike by the side of the road and catch a bus.

Hey, I don’t mind riding the bus. That’s just another way of putting on my wheels.

UPDATE: The ride home was easier, thanks to favorable winds. I got home in 1:03.


It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, so here’s a quick update:

* Tuesday: Six-mile tempo run on neighborhood roads before work.

* Wednesday: Five-mile run on the towpath at lunchtime.

* Today: Wheels, baby!


Cashing in the chips

In every marriage, there’s a trade-off, as I know all too well.

Mrs. Trail Boy puts up with my running and racing, and disappearing for hours or days — up to a point.

Then, when I least expect it, she cashes in her chips.

Yesterday, she told me is traveling to Dayton, Ohio in a few weeks to see her niece graduate from law school. While she’s there, she plans to look  up some old college friends as well.

That means I will have to stay home and make sure the knuckleheads, I mean my sweet boys, get where they need to go, including a Little League baseball game and taekwondo practice.

Normally, that would be fine. But that is the same day my favorite spring trail race, the Anti Mini Marathon. For the first time in four years, I’ll be passing up this spring favorite.

Mrs. Trail Boy drove that home in her friendly e-mail. “Please don’t schedule any major running stuff that day,” she wrote.

Oooh, no wiggle room there.

Well, I really can’t complain. I do leave her in the lurch a lot.

The very next weekend, I’ll be traveling to Ohio to run the Cleveland Marathon. Then Mrs. Trail Boy can watch the knuckleheads sweet darlings then.


One Response to “Put your wheels on”

  1. may I suggest a high school senior type of babysitter one that can drive …I wish we lived closer because Cassandra could help with the sweet little boys~hey cash in a “favor” from a team mate’s Mom and repay it later or carpool ….just saying DO NOT MISS YOUR FAVORITE SPRING TRAIL RUN!!!

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