Back where I belong



Oh sweet, sweet trails. Where have you been? It’s been so long.                  

I went out to Fort Ben this morning to run trails for the first time in weeks, maybe months.                   

After pounding the pavement all spring in training for my marathon, it felt so good to be back where I belong.                 

On dirt. And mud.                  


The woods were nuclear green. The air felt nice and cool. It was a perfect morning in the woods.                   

I ran the Fall Creek and Camp Creek trails. I was hoping to run for more than an hour. But my legs are still sore from Sunday’s marathon, so I called it quits after about 40 minutes. I’m not going to push myself during this recovery period. I’ll give my legs a full 10 days or longer of easy going before I start pushing hard.                   

So this morning’s workout was more like a run-walk. And that was fine. It gave me more chances to smell the flowers and take a few pictures.                   


The trails were a bit muddy. But that was too be expected. It has rained almost every day and every night this week. Puddles and deep creeks are part of the package.                    


Sure the marathon was fun, and I was pleased with my time. But now it’s trail time for the next few months, culminating in the Buckeye Trail 50K race in July.      

So between now and then, this is where you’ll find me. In the woods. With green stuff around me, and dirt under my feet.    

Back where I belong.                  


Two boys, two days, two graduations        

Trail Boy and the missus are mighty proud this week.

On Thursday evening, our older son, Steven, graduated from middle school with honors. He also was named the school’s top student in computer science.                  

I always knew Steven was good with gadgets — he can fix or build anything. But  I thought he was just a normal 14 year old. Now I know better. In the past year or so, Steven has talked about going to to MIT or Cal Tech to study computers. I’m starting to think he’s not just dreaming. His teachers believe in him too.                   

Steven and Mrs. Trail Boy with his diploma and certificate as top computer science student.

And today, Jake graduated from elementary school with honors. He will start middle school in the fall.                  

My boys are growing up! Soon they’ll be bigger and faster and smarter than their old dad.                  

Jake and his teacher, Mr. Snider.

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One Response to “Back where I belong”

  1. who way to go Steven tell him his Uncle Ramzi went to Cal Tech for his Phd! you should be so proud of both of them and the trails look so green I can smell them from here!! Have a great weekend letting your legs recover!

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