Happy Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis. So where do you think you’ll find Trail Boy?


Or here?

OK, that was the mother of all rhetorical questions. My blog name isn’t Indy 500 Boy. So no matter how crazy this city gets in May for race cars and paved oval tracks, I’m sticking to nature. 

Over the past few days, I’ve done the following:

* Town Run Trail, 5-mile run on Tuesday morning.

* Canal Towpath Trail: 4-mile run at lunchtime  Thursday (in 89-degree heat).

* Fort Ben, 5-mile run on Friday morning.

* Fort Ben, 3-mile hike this morning with Mrs. Trail Boy.

And I fully expect to be on a trail a few more times before the long weekend is over.

So what do I have against the Indy 500? Nothing much. It’s just not my scene.

I don’t begrudge anyone who enjoys motorsports, but I have never felt the desire to drive out to the Indy Motor Speedway and shell out money to sit under the sun and watch loud cars go in circles, kicking up exhaust, and watching thousands of people  sit around. That sounds about as fun as dragging a lawn chair out to the freeway, sitting on the median, and watching rush-hour traffic.

Still, I realize I’m a distinct minority in this town. Around here, race car drivers are bigger than Major League Baseball players (possibly because Indy doesn’t have a Major League Baseball Team).

So I keep my mouth shut about the subject. Well, except to my running friends, and on this blog.

So I do my own thing on Memorial Day weekend. Which means, I hit the trails. And I try to spend some time with my family.

Today, after the hike with Mrs. Trail Boy, we came home and hours of yardwork. Then we kicked off the beginning of summer by going to the local pool. We horse-played in the water for two hours, and I managed to swim about a quarter-mile (20 lengths of the pool during the adult swim.

Doesn’t all that sound like a good way to enjoy a hot day? Then we came home and had dinner on the back patio: grilled chicken, rice, corn on the cob and watermelon. Man, summer is the time to be alive.

Tomorrow morning, we are heading to Columbus, Ohio, for an annual pig roast with Mrs. Trail Boy’s fun and rowdy cousins. Then we’ll come home tired and happy, and glad we have one more day to relax.

On Monday, we will put our flag out. Then I will go for a two-hour trail run somewhere, then come back and relax. Later, we’ll drive 15 minutes to Crown Hill Cemetery to pay our respects to the war dead.

Happy Memorial Day.


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