Muggy and buggy

I usually don’t like to complain, but there’s no other way to say it: It was a miserable morning in the woods.

The air was so thick and steamy you could spread it on toast. I soaked through my shirt in about 10 minutes.

And the woods were swarming with horse flies and other pesky critters.

I spent most of my time wiping sweat off my face and brushing insects off my neck and out of my hair.

 It wasn’t exactly a run down the garden path.

The one good part is is that I was running with a new friend, and we could keep each other’s thoughts off the muggy, buggy surroundings. We talked about races, trails and training.

The friend is someone I met on a trail running chat board. She’s a fast, strong runner who qualified for the Boston Marathon last year at the Marine Corps Marathon. But she is recovering froma knee injury and was taking it a bit slow today. I’m sure she’ll cranking out the fast miles again before long.

We ran a couple of loops together, then she called it quits. I continued on my own for another 40 minutes. I probably got in about eight or nine miles altogether.

But with all the flies and the thick air, it felt twice as long.


First Things First

After weeks of agonizing over this, I’ve decided not to run the Buckeye Trail 50K in July.

I signed up for the race months ago, and have been looking forward to it all year. I had such a good, challenging time at this race when I ran it last summer.

But the long, hilly, rugged course took its toll on my feet. I was hobbling around for two or three weeks afterward.

I can’t afford to pound my body like that again this summer. My main goal this year is to run a PR (and hopefully a BQ) this fall at the Columbus Marathon.

I’ve laid out a 16-week training program that starts on June 28. I don’t want to take any chances with getting hurt or worn out on an ultra, and screwing up my marathon training.

I hope to get back to the Buckeye Trail next summer. But this year, I have to keep focused on the main goal.

It’s all about getting to Boston.

Boston or bust. That’s my mantra for the next four months. I’m not going to let anything else get in my way or distract me.

It’s a Boston year.


2 Responses to “Muggy and buggy”

  1. you always did love Boston~you will get there!

  2. There are a few trails out here that pass by natural springs. Around these areas the gnats are so thick that if I run there I take a bandana to cover my nose and mouth!

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