Who’ll stop the rain?

Another day, another flash flood.

So much for running trails. They’re all soaked or under water.

Yesterday, we got two more horrendous thunderstorms. The sky dumped an ungodly amount of water on the ground, temporarily flooding streets in our neighborhood, and even a few basements.

The ground is so saturated that some trees are starting to tilt, because the roots have nothing solid to grab.

I feel sorry for people who near creeks or rivers. The morning paper had lots of flood photos from around Central Indiana including these:

Yep, it’s a wet world. That means it’s another day for running on pavement.

This morning, I ran about seven miles on the paved Monon Trail, starting at 86th Street and heading north to Carmel Drive, then retracing my steps south.

I haven’t run this stretch of the Monon in a few years. It was prettier than I remembered — very green, with lots of shade from a thick tree canopy.

Although the scenery was stimulating, I was feeling a bit sluggish. My pace for the first few miles was slow, probably 9:15 a mile. But at the turnaround, I got my second wind and picked up the pace.

I ran a total of 6.9 miles in 59:53, for an average pace of 8:43 a mile.

It was my third day in a row of running pavement. Yesterday, I ran six miles on random roads in my neighborhood.

At one point, I explored a gated lakefront development about a mile from my house. I tried to get down to the lake, but it was completely walled off to peons like me. The closest I could get was trotting along the private road, looking at front door after front door, driveway after driveway, each house connected by a high wall and a locked gate.

So not only could I not run through nature this week, I couldn’t even get a glimpse of it.

I can’t wait for the skies to clear up and the trails to dry up.

Rain, rain, go away.

Can anyone make it stop?


News Flash: Trail Boy turns down free pie

It’s pie season again, but to my amazement, I’m staying strong in the face of overwhelming temptation.

Last summer, I blogged about my weakness for pie. Normally, when someone offers me a slice of my favorite dessert, I gobble it up, and go back for seconds and thirds. I am helpless in the face of lemon meringue, spicy pumpkin, Boston cream, deep-dish apple, blueberry or anything else in a 9-inch pie pan.

But things are different this year. I’ve learned to say no.

Yesterday, the food editor at the our paper hosted the annual pie contest. Afterward, reporters and editors from around the newsroom descended on the features department to chow down on the leftovers.

Unlike last year, when I had five or six piece of pie, I stayed in my seat and stayed strong. No sense walking into the siren call of pie.

While co-workers ran off to the back of the newsroom and came back to their desks with plates of apple, margarita, key lime and chocolate pie, I reached in my lunchbox, pulled out a Granny Smith apple and started munching.

Did I mention that I’m trying to lose 15 pounds by October? And that I’m on a mission from God to run my fastest marathon ever this fall?

I guess if you want something bad enough, you’ll make sacrifices.

Even the ultimate sacrifice, turning down free pie.


2 Responses to “Who’ll stop the rain?”

  1. you rock! and inspire!

  2. I love the scene in “Michael” when they’re all having pie in the restaurant.

    “Pie gives you the sense that you’re a square person living in a square country.”

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