So we finally meet, Mr. Bond

For the last six months or so, I’ve been reading Jeff’s trail-running blog, and making occasional comments.

Jeff (left) and Trail Boy, all sweaty on the trails.

He’s been doing the same with mine.

We’ve gotten to know each a bit through the blogosphere. But I knew we would have to meet sooner or later and do an actual run together.

Today was the day.

At my suggestion, we met at Fort Ben this morning and hit the trails.

It was a beautiful day: very green and lush. It’s been raining all week long, including a killer thunderstorm overnight. So the woods were practically glowing.

I showed Jeff a few trails he hadn’t seen before. He told me about a few races I’d never heard about. We helped each other pass the miles. So it was a win-win, in my book. We were two kindred spirits, enjoying the elements.

At first, we wondered if the trails would be completely buried under water, due to all the heavy rain in recent days. So we began cautiously.

For the first 15-20 minutes, we stuck to a paved trail, the Harrison Trace, to warm up and get a lay of the land.

But the trails seems to be runnable, so we entered the woods at the top of the Fall Creek, near the Duck Pond, and spent the next hour or so enjoying the dirt, and a few mud puddles.

We ran all the main trails: Fall Creek, Lawrence Creek, Camp Creek and Camp Glenn.

Jeff is a strong trail runner. He powered up all the hills and expertly navigated a few tricky sections. But that was no surprise. He’s run plenty of trail marathons and ultras. He’s no stranger to dirt.

Iwas tempted to run the horse trail too, but that’s off limits until November, so we stayed off.

To my surprise, there wasn’t a lot of deep, shoe-sucking mud, just a lot of puddles. So we did a lot of splashing, but never were in danger of losing our shoes.

We didn’t see too many other people on the trails, maybe one or two. I guess the rest of the world had more sense than to spend a Saturday morning getting muddy.

But that’s their loss. If you want to enjoy nature, you have take a little mud now and then. Besides, I’ve been running pavement all week, and I was starving for trails. I didn’t care if they were covered with nuclear waste. It was trail time!

The woods were full of life. We saw all kinds of birds and insects. At one point, we saw a turtle sitting smack in the middle of the trail.

And about five minutes later, we saw something that looked like a crayfish. The little fella had his pincers up, just waiting for a fight. Or maybe he was scared to death of two giants running along his trail.

I was surprised we didn’t see any deer. I usually see at least a few every time I run at Fort Ben. A few weeks ago, I even saw a fox.

Jeff and I ran at a pretty good clip, considering the puddles and mud and the hills. We ran for an hour and 29 minutes. I’m guessing we covered at least 10 miles.

Mr. Bond, it was a pleasure to run trails with you. Let’s do it again.

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2 Responses to “So we finally meet, Mr. Bond”

  1. I love running buddies, especially on trails!

  2. I’ll have my energy drink shaken, not stirred. Just like Bond. Enjoyed it, bug bite and all.

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