Along the lake, under the moon

Today was a hot, sticky, miserable day — in the mid-90s, with high humidity. So I decided to wait until sunset to get in a quick, easy run.

But the good news is I finally found a way to get into Lake Clearwater, a private, gated lakefront community just a few miles from my house.

In the five years I’ve lived here, I’ve never figured out how to get close to that lake. Usually, I have to just satisfy myself by just craning my neck and looking over the gate. I’ve always wanted to see the lake up close.

So this weekend, with the help of satellite photography and a friend who lives in the area, I found my way in.

There’s a small paved path that runs for a few miles along the water. You have to know where to look to find the start of the pathway. It doesn’t say “No Trespassing.” So I decided to go for a run tonight and enjoy the view.

Here are a few photos:


Altogether, the run was 5.75 miles. I wrapped it up in about 50 minutes, and got home in the dark.

Well, that was a satisying end to a weekend — running along a lake under the glow of the moon.

In fact, the whole week has been pretty good. I ran six times for a total of 38.6 miles

I had a good mix: four easy runs, one speed workout and one long run on trails.

Here’s to another good week ahead!


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