Day Two: Time to rip up the plan

What the hell? I’m supposed to take a rest day already?

On just the second day of my training program?

That’s got to be a typo, right?

No. According to the SmartCoach program, today is a rest day — or a cross-training day. So is every Tuesday for the next 16 weeks.

That’s no good. I don’t need to rest on Tuesdays. Monday was an easy day. I’m not tired.

I think it’s time to rip up this coaching plan. Or at least modify it. Hey, Coach, what do you think?

My virtual, long-distance coach, Kevin, agrees. He, too, is using the 16-week SmartCoach plan, and is aiming for the Columbus Marathon on October 17, just like me. But he’s not afraid of altering the plan to suit his needs.

In an e-mail to me, he said: 

I have modifed the default SmartCoach plan to fit better with my own life, and I would encourage you to do the same.  For me, the following pattern is optimal:

Mon:  Rest/XT
Tue:   Speed, Tempo, Hammer, etc.
Wed:  EZ Run
Thurs: EZ Run
Fri:     Rest/XT
Sat:    Long Run
Sun:   EZ “Recovery” Run (4 – 6 miles)

With this pattern, I can go into the two “cornerstone” workouts with a day’s rest.  Also, if the Saturday long run is a bust for some reason (i.e, weather, schedules, …) then Sunday can be a possible backup plan.

Hey Coach, that makes sense. I like that. I’ll do it, too.

OK, so I won’t completely  rip up the plan.

But I plan to do some heavy cutting and pasting.


Pedal power

Unfortunately, I didn’t get Kevin’s advice until midmorning today — several hours after I grudgingly decided to follow the program and do some cross-training (rather than rest).

I rode my bike to work, a 24-mile round trip, as my form of cross-training. It was a beautiful day for it: 70 degrees and clear skies. And no rain, believe it or not.

It felt good to stretch my legs and push the pace, twirling the pedals as fast as I could. I got to work in about an hour.

Tonight, after I ride home, I’ll rewrite my training program to make the days mesh better with my life.

But I have to say, I didn’t mind the bike ride today.


Family calls

My 82-year-old dad broke his hip a few weeks ago and will be laid up for several months. So this weekend, I am traveling to Cleveland to help my mom with daily needs and visit my dad in the rehab center.

I added a vacation day to a three-holiday holiday, so I’ll have four days to help out with yardwork, chauffeuring duties, cooking, cleaning, etc.

I’ll probably also squeeze in a few runs around Cleveland/Akron trails while I’m there.

I’m hoping to run at least once with Coach Kevin. It’s fun to trade e-mails with him, and compare daily runs. But there’s nothing like sharing a run in person.

Hey Coach, see you this weekend.

You too, Mom and Dad.

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One Response to “Day Two: Time to rip up the plan”

  1. on 10/17 I am running too (aiming for a 2:30 Half) be brave as you go forward to assist the parents mindful always that we get to run because all our parts work!! I will be heading in for my turn soon after you leave. I love your weekly training plan I am going to snag it for myself~thanks

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