Today’s workout: 200 x 75

My training schedule today called for cross-training. I was thinking about swimming laps at the pool, or maybe taking a long bike ride.

Mrs. Trail Boy had other ideas.

 “The grass is getting high. Can you please cut it this morning before we hit the road?”

I had to agree. The lawn was looking a bit shaggy, thanks all the rain and sunshine over the last week or so.

So that would be my workout.

And what a workout it was. I live on a corner lot. It’s about three-quarters of an acre. There are several hills and slopes.

With my gasoline-powered push mower, it’s a two-hour job.

I’m guessing I walked back and forth 200 times, at least 75 feet each way. It was cross-training with a purpose.

Whew. Can’t get to get back to an easier workout.

Something like mile sprints or 20 hill repeats.


Yesterday, I did an easy run with son Steven. We ran about five miles before dawn, around a nearby lake.

Steven was feeling strong. We ran together for the first mile.

Then he took off, and was 20 steps ahead of me the whole way.

Oh, to run like a 14-year-old again.


As I write this, Mrs. Trail Boy is packing the car. We’re getting ready to shove off for four days in Ohio to visit family and friends.

I’m sure I’ll squeeze in a trail run or two at my beloved Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

See you when I get back.

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One Response to “Today’s workout: 200 x 75”

  1. Have a great trip. Say hello to Ohio for me.

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