Up early to beat the heat for Yassos

I hate 90-degree weather. It’s miserable. It’s sweltering. It’s a frickin’ oven. It’s hard to move around or even breathe.

So during this week’s heat wave, I’m getting up extra early,  before the sun gets high in the sky and the air gets too thick and steamy.

This is especially true when the training plan calls for speedwork at the track. I don’t want to collapse from heatstroke.

Today I got up at 5:30 a.m. and got to the track by 6:00 for a session of Yasso 800s. (I later learned that my blogging buddy, Maine Runner, got going even earlier today for his Yassos, getting to the track by 5 a.m.)

The sun was still low on the horizon, behind the shade trees. I began running my warmup laps: eight times around at the track at an easy pace. Then I got into the meat of it: six reps of 800s, at 3:20 to 3:25 each. My goal was to try to keep a steady pace for all six reps.

Here are my times:

#1 — 3:16

#2 — 3:16

#3 — 3:20

#4 — 3:24

#5 — 3:24

#6 — 3:27

Well, that didn’t turn out too well.

Sure, I ran six reps, but I started out too fast. Then my legs got rubbery and I slowed down pretty sharply in the last half. The final rep was 11 seconds slower than the first, even though I was pushing hard.

The lesson: Don’t bust out of the gate like a crazy man. This is true in racing. And it’s true in training, even in speedwork. Start at a pace you can hold, moron!

Let’s see if I remember this lesson next week.


Who loves the steamy weather, babe?

When I got home from the track, I did my next-favorite thing: water my flower garden and see how the plants are doing, along with Jake, my 11-year-old son and garden helper. 

Even if I hate steamy weather, my plants seem to love it. Check it out: 


And here is Jake, checking out our sunflowers.  The plants have grown higher than Jake, and will probably grow another three feet before sprouting yellow flowers.

Stay tuned, hot-weather fans!

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