A full, slightly exhausting weekend

Who, me overdo it? Well, maybe just a little.

I got my fill of trails this weekend, and then some.

On Sunday morning, I ran 12 miles, mostly on the towpath. A few hours later, I took the boys mountain biking for two hours on a very hilly, rugged, technical trail at Westwood Park. It was hot, exhausting and a lot of fun.

My legs could feel it. They were still recovering from Saturday, when I ran five miles in the morning on another bike trail, then went back later with Steven in the afternoon to bike the same course. In between, I did three hours of yard work, capped with digging a fire pit in the back yard.

Now, I’m shuffling around, planning to take Monday off and give my legs a rest.

But I can’t complain. I had a good week. I ran five days and logged 35 miles. That kept me on track with my marathon training plan. Here’s a quick recap:

Monday and Thursday: Easy runs (7.4 and 5.9 miles)

Wednesday: Speedwork at the track (6 x 800)

Saturday and Sunday: trails (5 miles and 12 miles) and biking (5 miles and 10 miles on hilly bike trails)

Monday and Friday: rest

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One Response to “A full, slightly exhausting weekend”

  1. Somewhere I read the Westwood MTB Trail is one of the most difficult in the state. How difficult was it?

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