Please, God, make this miserable weather end

If I had doubts before, I know it now for sure.

I am not a hot weather person. When the temperature soars above 90 degrees, I am miserable and cranky and not fun to be around.

I will never run the Badwater Ultramarathon through Death Valley in July. I can’t even stand to run two miles in sizzling weather.

And that’s what we’ve been having lately — lots of days when the mecury has 90, 92, 95 degrees and hotter. With the still air and the muggy humidity, it feels like 105 some days.

I went running at 6 a.m. three days last week, and it still felt like a jungle. I did it, but I was not happy.

Today, I am taking the family on a little vacation to southern Indiana. We will hit an amusement park, some caves, some trails, some other fun spots.

The weatherman says it should be a little cooler — high 80s, instead of high 90s.

I hope he’s right. If the temps went to the high 70s, I wouldn’t complain.


2 Responses to “Please, God, make this miserable weather end”

  1. When my oldest son was in high school (he was a distance runner) he used to love when it was extremely hot and humid on the day of a race. He was one of those people who ran his best in the heat and even if he was having an off day, he would dominate over the regular runners, who had a tough time in high temps. He once ran in a local 5K where they were picking runners up in a van, they were collapsing, and Mike came in first place. He didn’t so well in the cold though. . . :)

  2. back at my beach in cool fog…come visit! I could not run in Ohio last week OMG the heat and humidity was insane!~S.

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