Slipping backward

Traveling can really throw your running routine out of whack.

Like right into the toilet.

I recently got back from a mini-vacation with my family — four days in southern Indiana to explore caves and ride roller coasters.

But during those four days, guess how many times I went running?

A) Four

B) Three

C) Two

D) One

E) Less than one.

Yes, dear reader, the correct answer is E. I went running exactly zero times during my trip.

And why was that, you might wonder.

Because that’s what traveling does. It throws your normal routine into the toilet.

Instead of sleeping in my own bed and waking up at 5:30 a.m., fully rested and raring to go, I slept in a crowded, noisy motel. And for reasons too bizarre to explain, I spent two nights sleeping on the floor, listening to loud people walk past my door all night.

When I awoke, I was not in prime shape for a run. I was sleep deprived. I was in an unfamiliar town, near interstates and busy streets. The motel had no treadmill or workout room.

If I wanted to step out the door and go for a quick run, I would have to deal with the following: sleep deprivation, insanely hot and humid weather, and busy roads, followed by a full day of hiking around caves or amusement parks.

And when I returned from my run, I would have to deal with a cranky Mrs. Trail Boy, who would be understandably upset that I left her alone with two energetic boys in a cramped hotel room in a strange town.

So that’s why I didn’t go running. It just wasn’t meant to be.

That’s not how I usually go on vacation. Normally, I go to the beach, park my car for a week, and settle into a lazy routine. But I still go running almost every day.

This year was different. We didn’t have the bucks for a beach trip. We needed to stay close to home, on a budget vacation.

But the budget vacation came with a price: a busted running program.

Well, what’s done is done. It’s time to look ahead. I’m back, and ready to jump back into training.

This morning, I went out for about six miles. I felt pretty strong. The air was a bit cooler than in recent weeks. I had a full night’s rest. Things were getting back to normal. 

Tomorrow, I plan to run eight miles. On Saturday, I will shoot for 16.

Then, I’ll be caught up. If not, I’ll have to adjust my training plan.

Either way, I vow I won’t take another trip until my marathon training is over.


4 Responses to “Slipping backward”

  1. I like “less than 1” as opposed to “zero.” Nice spin, Mr. Writer.

  2. Welcome back to training mode. But I bet the caves and rollercoasters were cool!

  3. home sweet peaceful home! I also did not run in Ohio and then the minute I got home cousins invaded my house (from Ramzi’s side) they left today so I am back after this 2:30 Half ths weekend~ you should view it as a unplanned rest period! I vote for tents in the woods over a hotel any day of the week!

  4. I feel your pain. My hotel room isn’t cramped and it isn’t noisy, but there is heat and humidity to spare here. There hasn’t been any time to spare, not yet anyway. Hope to get a short run in Sunday morning. There are some nice sidewalks around the hotel where I can run, but crosssing the streets can be very tricky as vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes can come from any direction including going the wrong way. The Chinese generally do everything in a very orderly manner, but out on the streets it is complete chaos.

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