The long trail back

OK, that’s enough denial. Four weeks is plenty. Same with anger, bargaining and depression — and the other stages of grief, if I’ve missed any.

Now I’m at acceptance. A marathon is out of the question this year, despite my grand plans to qualify for Boston this fall.

My right leg is healing slowly — a little too slowly, it seems sometimes. It’s going to be a while before I do serious running.

In the meantime I’m doing lots of resting, icing and stretching, trying to get my IT band back to a healthy place.

And I’m doing as much cross-training as possible. I hike. I swim. I play baseball with my sons. I ride my bike to and from week once or twice a week.  (A round trip is about 25 miles).

One thing I haven’t been doing lately is blogging. It was too depressing to write “still not running” day after day after day. But like I said, I’m over the denial and depression thing now.

There are a lot worse things than not running. I could be stuck in a coal mine in Chile for three months, or be unemployed, or watching a loved one slip away. I still have my health, more or less. So on with the show!

Last weekend, Mrs. Trail Boy and I went to the Lawrence Creek Trail at Fort Ben for a beautiful stroll through the woods. I guess this is my long road back. Or my long trail back.

I’m not going to rush it. I just want to run more marathons and trail races, whenever my leg seems ready for it.

Hope to be back at the races in a few months. Your mileage may vary.


2 Responses to “The long trail back”

  1. I’m glad you’re blogging again. Keep taking care of yourself, and you’ll soon be running again, too.

  2. too good of a writer to stay quiet for long~here is to the new adventures of cardio blog! and I hope your leg gets better soon!

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