Run, walk, stop. Run, walk, stop.

Run two minutes. Walk one minute. Stop and shake out the leg.

Run two minutes. Walk one minute. Stop and shake out the leg.

That was my plan this morning — just an easy, tentative re-entry into running.

So that’s what I did. And it felt pretty darn good.

My leg has been feeling stronger in recent days, so I’ve decided to give it a whirl, so to speak.

A short whirl, mind you.

I did a run-walk-stop-etc. on neighorhood roads this morningfor about 1.5 miles. Nothing too ambitious. My pace was extremely slow. I never got out of first gear. Just a shuffle. It took 16 minutes.

Run two minutes. Walk one minute. Shake out the leg.

Run two minutes. Walk one minute. Shake out the leg.

No sense tempting fate by trying to blast up a hilly trail or jumping across a creek. It was a smooth, easy run, over before I knew it.

The real test, of course, will be how my leg feels much later — tonight or tomorrow morning. Can it take this much stress? Or will it ache and throb like before?

Only one way to find out. Run two minutes. Walk one minute. Shake out the leg.


Oh, to be young and strong

Even if I can’t run hard, it doesn’t mean I have to give up the running scene.

On Saturday, I spent an enjoyable two hours watching hundreds of high school runners (including my 14-year-old son) at a cross-country meet.

What’s not to enjoy? The sight is invigorating: healthy, athletic, competitive boys and girls racing up and down trails — through the woods, up and down hills, across meadows.

I can’t wait to get back into trail racing in a few months. Meanwhile, I’ll watch the kids.


3 Responses to “Run, walk, stop. Run, walk, stop.”

  1. Hope your son did well, and best wishes on a successful return to running. Injuries suck.

  2. I loved, loved, loved watching my sons’ cross country meets. I miss it so much. Your photos are the same as so many of mine, except different team colors.

  3. I started running when Anthony started XC I loved the meets and cheered loudly for the whole team I knew everyone~it was great fun

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