Where did I put those running shoes?

I could learn a few lessons on recovering from a leg injury from my 82-year-old dad.  

A few months ago, he fell down and broke his hip and jaw. He spent a week in the hospital, getting a new hip. Then he spent a month or so in rehab, learning to stand up and walk again.  

It was a long, painful, exhausting process.  He still can’t walk without a metal walker. Steps are a huge challenge.  

This isn't my dad. But he could play him on TV.

But he keeps at it, working with a therapist several times a week, and forcing himself on short walks every day.

“One little step at a time,” he said.  

So I’ve got nothing to whine about.

Sure, I’m a little bummed that my IT band flared up unexpectedly last month, killing my summer training and any hopes of a fall marathon.  

But unlike my dad, I can still get around. And my recovery promises to be much shorter and easier than his.  

Plus, I didn’t have to bother with the surgery, the IV, the catheter, the medication, the liquid diet or  the excruciating pain.  

All I had to do was rest for month, ice my leg and do a lot of stretching.  

Now I’m on the road to recovery, I hope.  

First I had to find my shoes. They weren’t in any of the usual places. I finally found them in a gym bag in the back of a closet, where I had thrown them in anger and frustration many weeks ago.  

But I pulled them out, gave them an airing and slipped them back on. It felt good.  

On Sunday, I did a 1.5-mile run-walk, as I wrote in my last post. But I worried how I would feel afterward.  

I’m happy to say that my IT band didn’t growl and bark in the hours afterward. I felt fine for two days.  

So this morning, I pushed myself just a little bit farther. I ran two miles.  

OK, I didn’t exactly burn up the road. It was a slow, slow pace — basically one notch up from power walking.  

I ran the first mile in 9:21. Then I walked for 30 seconds. Then I ran a second mile in 9:26. Then I walked for another minute or two. Then it was over.  

I felt just fine. No tenderness. No throbbing. It was elated.  

So I’ll keep pushing gently, slow and steady. The journey back to marathon running after an IT band problem starts with a small, tentative shuffle.  

Keep at it, every day, but don’t overdo it.  

This is a lesson I’m trying to learn from my dad.  


One race I hate to miss

I just learned that Planet Adventure is launching a new trail marathon and half-marathon at Eagle Creek Park this fall.

The course looks very fun: lots of trails and woods on both sides of the lake. The field is limited to 500 runners, which is my kind of size.  

To see the race info, click here.  

To see the course map, click here.  

The park is less than 10 miles from my house.

But there’s no chance in hell I’ll be ready  for a half-marathon this fall.  

Is there?


Looking forward and having a laugh 

Well, enough about what-might-have-been. It’s time to look forward!  

Next year, I hope to run a spring marathon and a few fun trail races. Over the next week or two, I will be throwing some ideas in a hat. All suggestions are welcome  

In the meantime, my favorite funny guy is getting ready to sing.


2 Responses to “Where did I put those running shoes?”

  1. so happy you are feeling better. and dang bro your “slow” is my “fast” love you!

  2. Fall half marathon? Maybe. A little later in October is the Knobstone on Morgan-Monroe’s Low Gap Trail. Gives you more time to prepare and you could always opt for one of the shorter distances they do with that race. 5k, 10k, 10 mile, and half mary.

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