Excuses, excuses


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted here, which can mean only a few possible things. Which do you think it was?   

* I’ve been stuck in a high-rise elevator.   

* I’ve been stuck in a coal mine.    

*My computer is broken.    

* My typing fingers are broken.    

* I’m writing a definitive history of trail running.    

* I’m writing a definitive history of garden rakes.    

* I’ve been scrubbing my bathroom grout.    

* I’ve been scrubbing my hard drive.    

*I have lost all interest in sharing my running experiences.   

* I have had no running experiences to share.    

Well, I think we all know the correct answer.  When I don’t blog, it’s usually because I haven’t been running.    

Yes, I’m such a blabbermouth, that any time I pull on my running shoes and trot farther than 100 feet, I have to post 20 paragraphs about it.    

So the correct answer is Number 10. I haven’t been running much. The only question is why not.    

You might wonder: Trail Boy, what the hell?    

And here’s the answer: If it’s not one thing, it’s another.    

My IT band is still a bit tender, and I decided to give it a few more weeks. And believe it or not, I had a hell of lower-back pain last weekend. I could barely get out of  a chair without looking like a 90-year-old invalid.    

But both problems now seem fairly under control. I hope.    

So today I ran a slow, slow mile, just to get back into it. How slow? Well, how does 11:56 sound? And after one mile, I was ready to call it quits. So I did. No sense over-doing it, and winding back up on the couch for another month with a sore back and God knows what else.    


A day at the races    

Despite the cloudy skies over my own running life, I’m finding a little sunshine from my two sons.    

On Saturday, Steven and Jake ran cross-country races. Steven (a high school freshman) ran a muddy 5K in Brown County. Jake (a 6th grader)ran a 3K at a mega-invitational in Indy.    

Here’s a look at their races. First, here’s Steven’s team:    

Steven is third in line, Number 478.


OK, Number 478, go have a good race!


What's cross country without a little mud?


I don't have any pictures of Steven at the finish line, but I couldn't resist including this one. Love this guy's intensity.


Now, here’s Jake’s team:    

Jake and Eastwood Eagles get psyched for the race.


And they're off -- some 200 strong, from a dozen or so schools.


Into the woods.


Jake passes a competitor near the football field.


The final stretch: Jake (in the middle) pushes for position.


Jake gets a ribbon: 29th place out of 200-some runners in the junior varsity race, with a time of 13:08.


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