A wedding march for a loyal reader

Bloggers would be nothing without their readers. And one of my most loyal readers is my niece Amanda.    

She’s not a trail runner, but I guess she enjoys reading her uncle’s occasional rants and seeing pictures of him making a fool of himself.  

My niece, Amanda, and her fiance, Andy.

Whenever I run into her at family reunions, she gives me a hearty “Hi, Trail Boy!” And then she quotes something I wrote months ago — something I had long forgotten about. You have to love a reader like that. And a niece like that.    

But sometimes, Amanda gets tough. Earlier this year, she demanded to know why I had stopped in the middle of a 5K to take a photo for my blog.    

“You could have finished that race 30 seconds faster, Trail Boy!” she said.     

But all in all, she’s a real sweetie. And now it’s my turn to do something for her.  But first, some background.

About a year ago, Amanda got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Andy. Later, she set her wedding date as September 25, 2010. I was thrilled for her.    

But when I looked at my calendar, I privately groaned. Her wedding was the same day as the Akron Marathon, one of my favorite annual races. And I was planning to use the Akron Marathon as a training race for a very important marathon a few weeks later.    

But of course, I wouldn’t miss my lovely niece’s wedding. At least, I wasn’t planning to.    

I didn’t say anything. Quietly, I started rearranging my training schedule.    

But somehow, Amanda got wind of the conflict and practically ordered me to go run the Akron Marathon. “Don’t even give it a second thought, Trail Boy” she said, or words to that effect. “You can run the marathon and still make it to my reception.”    

What a sweetheart. Did I mention she always thinks of the other person?    

So I signed up for the Akron Marathon and started training. But then I had to go and hurt my leg. And within a few weeks, it was clear that my injury was so serious that I wasn’t going to run that marathon or any other marathon this fall. I blogged about that too.    

But the silver lining, which I didn’t blog about, was that I could now go to Amanda’s wedding. And that was very good news.    

A week or two ago, Amanda sent me an urgent note. Her choice of a church musician had fallen through expectedly. Could I play the piano at her wedding?    

Over the years at these family reunions (usually around the holidays), I often sit down at the piano and pound out a few carols. I enjoy it, even if it’s not exactly Van Cliburn level of musicianship.    

But when someone asks me to play at a wedding, there’s only one thing to say. Especially when that someone is my loyal reader and a favorite niece.    

So yes, Amanda, I would love to play. And I can’t wait to see you on Saturday.    

I know you want me to play Bach and Pachelbel. But I’m half-tempted to play this instead (well, most of it):    


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One Response to “A wedding march for a loyal reader”

  1. How exciting! To play the piano at your niece’s wedding, and for her to have her uncle serenading her down the aisle. Very nice.

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