Upward and onward. Next stop: Columbus


I’m ready to go to Columbus and have a little fun.

I’m not saying I’m ready to run 26.2 miles. Or even 13.1 miles. Not with this kind of injury-filled summer. That would be suicide.

But I’m ready to have a little fun. I’m tired of sulking and stewing and feeling sorry for myself.

Marathons are supposed to be exhilarating. So I’m going to go to Columbus and soak it in.

And I don’t mean from the sidewalk or a hotel bar. I mean in the middle of the road, along with thousands of other runners.

Let me explain.

Last Saturday, I ran a 5-mile race, my first competition in nearly five months. Afterward, I felt great, and I remembered how much I missed the whole running/racing scene.

A few hours later, I thought, “Hey, Trail Boy. You just ran five miles and clobbered your goal. How about seeing what you can do in Columbus?”

Immediately, I laughed off the thought, perhaps the same way a sane person might laugh off the idea of walking a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. I haven’t done a single long run since my spring marathon.

But then I thought some more. And I decided that while I can’t run 26 miles, I could probably run eight or nine or ten miles.

And if I remembered correctly, the first part of the Columbus Marathon is a nine-mile loop on the east side of downtown that would bring me right back to the start/finish area — and right back to my car and hotel.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could do that.

No, it wouldn’t be the full marathon experience. But it would be a lot better than staying home, cleaning the bathroom or raking leaves and thinking dark thoughts about everyone else having fun in Columbus.

Sometimes, a little is better than nothing.

And I already paid $75 or $80 for a race entry. And the T-shirt.

Yep, that was months ago, when I was healthy. Then things got ugly, and I screwed up the IT band on my right leg and was MIA for months.

But now, I’m back on my feet. I’m running again and having fun. This morning, I went out for an easy three-miler and surprised myself by finishing it at an 8:10 pace. Tomorrow, I’ll go a little longer.

I’m pretty sure running nine miles is within the realm of possibility. So why shouldn’t I go to Columbus?

Well, finding a hotel room at this point could be a problem. But yesterday, I got in touch with my buddy Kevin, who is also registered for Columbus. He generously offered to let me share his hotel room.

What a guy. Kevin is planning to run a marathon for a PR — 3:20 or something like that. He’ll probably get to the finish line about an hour after I wrap up my race. And I’ll be there to cheer him on.

Marathons are supposed to be like that: fun, challenging, exhilarating.

So let’s do it. Next stop: Columbus, for a marathon expo, pasta dinner and a race through a great town.

I won’t run 26.2 miles this time. I won’t cross the finish line.

But next time, I will.

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One Response to “Upward and onward. Next stop: Columbus”

  1. This is excellent news. Enjoy! As I was reading this I couldn’t help but think about reading in a few weeks how after finishing the 9 miles you felt so good that you continued on for another 17 or so miles. LOL, no way you would do anything that crazy…

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