My kind of weekend

And so a busy, fun three-day weekend comes to a close. Here are highlights:

1) Friday. Go hiking with the family at Turkey Run State Park. Watch the boys do all the typical stuff that all boys love: scrambling on the ledges, cliffs, caves, woods, trails. Come home and relax. Read running blogs.

2) Saturday. Run six miles with hard-core trail runner Jeff on the Monon. Hear lots of Jeff’s fun stories about a relay called the Bourbon Chase, a 200-mile overnight relay, which he did a week or two ago. Come home and do lots of yardwork.

3) Sunday. Go to church. Come home and spend hours with a chainsaw, cleaning up storm damage in the back yard from Tuesday’s wind storm, which pulled down most of a tree. Look forward to running the Dino 15K trail race at Fort Ben in two weeks. Think about finding a race next weekend. The big one is the Indy Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon, but it’s too expensive and too ambitious. Maybe find a 10K somewhere.

Here are a few photos of the weekend.


One Response to “My kind of weekend”

  1. Hard-core, that tickled me. Feeling a little more soft-boiled lately.

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