I’m baaaaaack

Enough of this sitting around. A person can only take so much rest and recovery.

It’s time to jump back in.

Bicycling has been well and good for the past six months. But it was only exercise. It wasn’t joy.

I’ve missed the joy of running.

This morning, I dusted off my running shoes and got back into it. I did a very easy, very tentative run-walk in my neighborhood. Run 100 feet, walk 100 feet, repeat for 20 minutes.

It felt good. Then I did a bunch of stretching and iced my right thigh for 15 minutes.

I sure hope I can get back into this. Leg, don’t let me down.


So why did I pick today to get back into it?

Because  today is the Akron Road Runner Marathon, one of favorite fall races. Lots of my Ohio friends are running it — and posting photos on Facebook and Twitter. I felt happy for them.

But I felt sick for me. I hate, hate, hate just reading about marathons when I’m not running them.

I want to do one again, more than anything else. Dare I dream?

I’ve run 10 marathons and a 50K. I’ve done at least one every year since 2002.

This is the first year I have run a long race. I’d hate to say my marathon days are behind me. I’m only 52.


So today was the beginning of my marathon training for next fall. That’s my dream, anyway. It’s a journey a few million steps.

Sometimes dreams come true; sometimes they don’t. But you’ve got to have a dream. Or you might as well lie down and die.

I’ll give it my best. We’ll see if my leg is interested in cooperating.

Wish me luck.


One Response to “I’m baaaaaack”

  1. John ~yeah for this comeback! I am thrilled to see you back! I will follow your blogs as you slowly work your way into running! yeah yeah I never count you out never.

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