That special smell

I went out for an easy run at lunchtime today: walking and running for about 20 minutes around the Downtown Canal and Military Park.

The weather was beautiful: 50-something, with overcast skies and a fall snap. As I ran, I breathed in deeply, taking in the air.

I believe I smelled something special. I will call the scent of hope. It’s the sweetest thing any injured runner can smell. It smelled like the combination of joy, endorphins, rain in the air, coffee, a swelling in the heart, a renewal of spirit and the filling of a deep void.

I ran and walked, and then ran and walked some more. I came back to work refreshed.

When I came home, Mrs. Trail Boy said: “You went running, didn’t you? You have that happy, slightly tired look.” It was the nicest thing anyone had said to me in weeks.

And just think how I’ll look when I get back up to 10 or 20 miles.

Hope springs eternal.

I got back to the office, did some stretching, iced my leg and continued work with a happy glow.


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