Still plugging away, rebuilding my base

“Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson

I’m making progress. Just a month ago, I couldn’t run 100 yards without stopping. Now, I’m up to a bit over two miles.

I went out this morning and pushed the distance a bit more. That’s what I do on Saturdays, go a bit further, a bit harder, as I try to rebuild my base.

It was a blustery, chilly morning. But I enjoyed the crisp air and after a minute or two, I adjusted to the wind.

Here’s my run at a glance:

* Started and ended at 77th and Cree. One loop of Arrowhead Estates, two loops of Royal Pines.

* I pushed the distance to 2.2 miles, up from the 2 miles I’ve been running all week.

* For the first time in ages, I ran farther than one mile without stopping. I actually ran the full 2.2 miles non-stop.

* I added more gentle hills into the course.

Yes, in the big picture, the distance seems modest.

But it’s my rookie year, all over again. And I’m thrilled. If I keep at it, I’ll have my base back in a month or two, ready to do some longer runs and races.

I have to take little steps like a rookie. I have to be patient like a rookie. I have to stay excited and motivated like a rookie.

The one thing I can’t do is make any rookie mistakes. And that list is long:

* Doing too much, too soon.

* Not stretching and icing my legs twice a day.

* Not drinking enough.

* Jumping into the race scene before I’m ready.

* Getting sloppy with form.

* Wearing old shoes or wrong clothes.

* Overtraining, overstriding, overeating, over-everthing.

* Getting over-confident or under-confident.

* Not listening to my body.

* Doing someone else’s workout.

* Losing sight of the goal.

Of course, I’ve made all these mistakes and others plenty of times over the years.

But with my injury, the margin for error is tiny. I can’t make dumb mistakes.

It’s time to be Rookie of the Year. Not the guy back on the bench, rubbing his leg and wondering what went wrong.


One Response to “Still plugging away, rebuilding my base”

  1. Jim Hermiller Says:

    Looking good!

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