Pedaling here, there, everywhere

What a great weekend for a couple of bike rides with Mrs. Trail Boy. We got in at least four rides and pedaled up a storm, like we were in training for the Tour de France.

It started on Saturday morning. We took separate bike rides around the neighborhood (plus a run) just to warm up and set the weekend off to a proper start.

Then, after lunch, we threw our bikes on the back of the car and drove to the Canal Towpath.

I’ve run this trail hundreds of times and cycled it dozens of times. But I’ve usually gone alone.

I was in the mood for company, however, and Mrs. Trail Boy jumped at the suggestion that we pedal it end to end, and then back again. That’s about 11 miles.

The weather was hot and muggy, but as long as we kept pedaling, we got a nice cooling breeze.

We spotted plenty of urban wildlife along along the the banks of the canal: ducks, geese, turtles, herons, a beaver and all colors of butterflies.

But we also had some brushes with the urban side of Indy: lots of traffic on the northern end and plenty of cyclists and runners, mostly on the northern end as well.

When we passed the the Indianapolis Museum of Art, we wanted to stop and pedal through the 100 Acres outdoor exhibit. But a museum worker told us we couldn’t take our bikes along that walking path.

As we were pedaling away, a golf cart carrying two enormous security guards came zooming up the very path that we were just chased off of. So I guess it was too disruptive for bikes, but not for a golf cart.

We decided to get back the only way we could. We pedaled up to the museum, got off our bikes, walked inside and used the restrooms. Take that!

Then we pedaled back north to our parked car and called it a ride.

On Sunday afternoon, we took a few more rides — a bit shorter and closer. First, we rode separately around the neighborhood.

Then, after church and lunch, we took another ride together.

We pedaled from our house to a nearby neighborhood, and then rode on paved roads and trails around a couple of lakes. It was about a five-miler.

We didn’t see much nature on this trip. But we did see lots of gigantic SUVs in their natural habitat. And a few rich people, to boot. (We can tell the wealth by the outlandish colors on the Ralph Lauren shirts.)

But the course wasn’t completely an urban jungle. If we looked hard enough, we could see a glimmer of lake between the houses. So that was our brush with the water — and waterfront living.

Before we knew it, we were done with the loop, and pedaled back to our house (sadly, with no waterfront) for popsicles and wine and a few episodes of 30 Rock on DVD.

Yep, weekending with Mr. and Mrs. Trail Boy — such a blast, you would not believe.



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