A man walks into a bar

For bleeding like this, you should have a good story to tell.

Like: “I slipped on a rock, fell into the river and was swept over the falls.”

Or: “I was running across the highway and didn’t see the truck.”

Or as my friend Denny told me: “You were scrambling through the brush to avoid a bear.”

But no, it was none of those things.

This is what it was: I tripped on a sidewalk.

A normal sidewalk on a normal street.

And wham! I went down like a load of bricks.

I scraped the hell out of my left leg and shoulder, and both hands.

This happened at noon today. I was trying to squeeze in a quick run before a business lunch.

My goal was to run three or four miles. According to the GPS on my iPhone, I ran 0.81 miles when I tripped and hit the ground.

The weird thing: As I was falling, all I could think was “Please don’t let anything happen to my phone.” I didn’t even care if I busted my nose. Just not my precious, precious phone.

I got up slowly, and limped back to the office.

Then I washed up, changed and limped to lunch.

Without even much of a story to tell.


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