A fresh start

I could spend a few thousand words making excuses about last year. Running and I had lots of problems in 2012.

But let’s save everyone the time and tummy ache.

It’s a new year. It’s time for a fresh start.

I don’t need to clutter up my blog with lots of lame excuses. Let’s just throw that mess in the trash can and look forward, shall we?


So today, I went out to the Athletic Annex running store on 86th Street and bought a new pair of Brooks shoes. It’s my first pair of new running shoes in more than two year. Pretty kicky, no?


for the first time in more than two years. Bouncy, bouncy, can you feel me? I ran around the block twice (two miles) and felt like a new man.

While at the running store, I also bought a sticker and put it on my Jeep. My goal for the fall.


So that’s the deal. New shoes. New goal. New year.

And a new face. This is my game face.


Check back in a few months. I’ll be 20 pounds lighter. And a lot happier.

And here’s my motto for 2013:


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