2014 in review

It’s been a fun year. I got back into running and hit all my goals. Let’s take a look.


* For the first time in five years, I ran a half-marathon. In fact, I ran TWO half-marathons: the Mill Race Half-Marathon in Columbus, Indiana in September and the Towpath Half-Marathon in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Akron, Ohio. I finished both races in the exact time: 1:53.

* I ran the Burning River 100 relay, the best single day of running all year. I ran the final leg of an 8-person relay. My leg was a 10-mile stretch through the deep woods, trails, towpath and roads in the pitch black. I crossed the finish line just before 3 a.m., where my relay partners met me with high-fives. My finish time was 1:49. Our team’s finish time was about 20 hours.

* I lost 15 pounds, getting to my lowest weight in five years.

* I joined the YMCA, giving me access to pools, weight equipment and treadmills. If we get hammered with another polar vortex, I won’t have any excuses this time.

* I kept a written running journal. I updated this blog a few times too.

* I got back involved in Indiana Trail Running and the DINO trail scene. I hope to do a lot more in 2015.


* I got hammered by the crazy winter and dropped my training for about three months. That was too depressing to think about or say anything more about here.

* Because of the crappy winter, I lost lots of conditioning and dropped plans to run two big races I had signed up for (Glass City Half Marathon and Fools 25K trail race).

* I got super-busy at the end of this year with work and stopped running for 3-4 weeks. But now I’m back to it!


* Spring road marathon (Cleveland Marathon: Sunday, May 17)

* Summer spring triathlon (probably Eagle Creek June or July)

* Fall trail marathon (either Towpath Marathon or Tecumseh Trail Marathon, both in October)


* Run a half-marathon in 1:45 or faster.

* Run at least one long relay. (Doing the BR100 again would be a blast, if our team sticks around.)

* Race a variety of distances, from 5K to marathon.

* Continue daily push-ups and crunches.

* Weights twice a week.

* Have fun. Stay healthy. Keep life in balance.

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