My personal records

Some of us are born speedy. Some achieve speediness. Others have speediness thrust upon them.

And then, there are the rest of us. The Midpackers.

That includes me. Hey, I never claimed to be fast, just a guy who likes to run.

5K — 22:17 (Great North Run, Indianapolis, 2008)

5M — 35:01 (Hit the Bricks, Zionsville, Indiana, 2009)

10K — 45:30 (Circle City Classic, Indianapolis, 2007)

15K — 1:14:14 (Shamrock Shuffle, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 2005)

Half Marathon — 1:38:25 (Spring Classic, Strongsville, Ohio, 2005)

Marathon — 3:40:08 (Columbus Marathon, Ohio, 2004)

50K — 6:52:15 (Buckeye Trail 50K, Brecksville, Ohio, 2009)

To see the rest of my workouts in detail, check out my RunningAhead page by clicking here.

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One Response to “My personal records”

  1. Jim Hermiller Says:

    Midpacker? These finish times seem quite speedy to me!

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